Hi all,

I have a Paterson 2-reel tank and very little cash, so I've been trying to research this "taco method" of cramming 4x5 sheet film in the tank so that it can be developed as you would 120 or 35mm. The problem is, I haven't yet taken my first Large Format shot (I'm very excited, of course) so I feel sort of behind the curve. All I know is that you've got to curl the film to get it in the tank, and people have apparently held them curled with rubber bands. Can anyone point me to a step-by-step taco method how-to, or even take the time to type one out?

Some questions left unanswered:
- What volume of chemistry do I need?
- Any changes in processing time, or do I use what my times for 120?
- How many sheets can/should I do at once?
- How do you dry these film sheets, anyway?

Of course, any additional tips are appreciated, too.

All the best,