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Jeff- you got a STEAL on your Superwide - If it is one of the ones with the C lens (chrome especially) they did make some major improvements to the lens (and not just in the shutter mechanics) from the C to the CF version. I had one of the CF lens versions and I paid around $1700 for it, only because there was a minor scratch on the rear element which had ZERO effect on the photos ( even when pointing the thing directly into the sun!). Otherwise it would have set me back somewhere north of $2500 at the time (and this was back in the 1999/2000 time frame).
It does indeed have a C lens on it. It came with the back cover, lens cover, and a partially broken but usable finder. I eventually bought a replacement finder on KEH for $150, and sold the broken one on eBay (as broken and partially usable) and got around $80 for it. Of course I needed a film back as well, but I already had those.

I've seen one other for a very good price as well, came up on craigslist with a 500cm and a few lenses for $1500 total I believe. So, good deals are out there.