Thanks for the quick replies. As I have bought the Tetenal kit, I will use it with confidence, as it gets good reviews.
Mark, I had not heard of 'i-photo' before. Thanks for that tip. After looking on their website, it appears they have all the chemicals and I will definitely be giving them a go - its just the sort of answer I was after.
I sent an email to Vanbar sales, suggesting they sell the Fuji Kit. They sort of gave a positive response, so it will be interesting if this appears in their stores in coming months.
Thanks everyone for your help. I have found that the only real expensive part of 4X5 was the cost of commercial colour processing. The cost of the stock is not too bad, so I'm wanting to do C41 myself. I had my Jobo CPP2 fully re-conditioned in Germany, at great expense, so it is now up to the standard for colour.