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...but I think Kodak is no longer a photographic company and thought that the only thing that my money was used to dismantle the film production.
Kodak's CEO has been telling us this for years now. Unfortunately, many here simply refuse to listen to him.

Colin is correct. It really does no good to bash Kodak. But it also does no good to praise them, either. Their long-term decision to get out of the photography market is absolute and unwavering. They - or he - see their future elsewhere. At this stage perhaps the best we can do regarding Kodak is to just give them an honestly sincere "Thanks for the memories..." At least until we reconvene this topic again in a few months for the next scheduled round.

So did anyone else notice that Kodak Plus-X film has now been relegated to also-ran status on Kodak's Professional Black & White Films webpage?

It's now listed way down at the bottom under the heading "Other Black and White Films" along with T-MAX P3200, and now merits only two lonely sentences of product information description. It's also conspicuously missing from the "Traditional" black & white films section of Kodak's online store - as is P3200 from the "T-Max" section.

I wonder why that is?

Maybe it's Kodak's way of trying to sell more of it?