Hello, I am new to this forum and (slowly) learning the wet plate process. I am planning to use 8x10 dry plate holders that have been varnished and fitted with a "kit" (a la John Coffer) for both 4x5 and 5x7 plates. I plan to shoot almost all 4x5 plates for the foreseeable future, as i understand it's much easier to learn on the smaller plates and I will have the option to go bigger later. If someone has differing thoughts on what might be a better way to learn I would appreciate it. I'm also beginning to assemble a chemical list and notice some of the collodion and ether suppliers require an ORM-D form? Not sure what all that means but any advice on what paperwork I need to fill out would be appreciated. Finally, I am looking for a rough (read project) 8x10 field camera to use solely for my wet plate work. A kind local gentleman has offered to tutor me in bellows replacement, lens boards, etc., so I am really looking for a rough camera that I can get back to functional working condition. Cosmetics aren't important and I've got lenses. If anyone knows of something I would greatly appreciate it. I've looked on the big auction site and the prices seem high to me for the work necessary to get them back in decent shape. Thank you.