Perry, are you sure you really need a fully technical capable view camera in the field??? Reason I am asking is that I used to use a Canham 45 DLC... Great camera to use, but in MN winters, I could not get the standards to stay tight when placing in my film holder.. They'd move just under the pressure of the springback.... At any rate, I sold it and went to a Chamonix 045-1N. It might not have the range of movements as my Canham, but I never missed them when it was all said and done for most of the work I have done with it. It sounds like you are wanting to hike a lot with your camera?? The Chamonix is based upon the Phillips designed view camera. It has a lot of flexibility, but more importantly has a smaller foot print when folded, and only weighs about 3 or 4 Ib's. They are slick to carry, to use, and I love mine. Tripod wise, you can get away with a lighter tripod. ( I use a Feisol carbon 3441s) and standard manfrotto ball head. All in all, it's a compact and lightweight set up, with more than enough capability.

The Chamonix 45 is also reasonably priced at around $800 or so, or cheaper used. I think you would be pleasantly surprised.

A technical camera as you know will weigh a lot more and will be way more bulky and unwieldy to carry. Do you really need that full range of movements that a technical camera will give you? Do your lenses have that much coverage that the additional movements a technical camera could give you are any use? Just food for thought.

Hope you make a decision, and do not get GAS too much along the way.... Good luck with your land purchase also!!