I would not buy the Apo Rodagon for thad price.
The MTF of the Rodagon is at f11 better then thad from the APO!
Only wide open the Apo is very tiny bit sharper.
Some years ago I asked Rodenstock what would be the best f stop for my Rodagon, they told me I get best results with 2-3 stops closed.
And for the Apo it is only 1-2 f stops closed.
I'm so happy with my 6 lens Rodagon I giv it not away for an Apo!
But some tests in Germans Fotomagazin and in Color Foto showed in 35mm and MF categories was the winner in sharpness always either a Schneider or a Rodenstock and the nikkors was always on 3. place!
But they where all very near each other! But 6 lenses are very important in thad case!!