Well,, I'm going to 'test' my exp/dev process over the weekend, so the question here is do I do it in the usual silver print way.
1) make a neg for Z.I and do the normal test strip to find correct film speed
2) with that information make a neg for Z.IX and dev to find best dev time?
Two problems I have in mind is 1) I have read that salts can show separation up as far as Z.XI. If that is the case should I be aiming to find dev time for Z.IX or XI?
Or am I making a simple process difficult?
ALSO I have found that when I have had to extend the print time up to 40-60+ minutes (every 15 minutes has to have a cooling down time) I find the paper has a silver metallic finish! Might this be caused by the heat which builds up or too much silver solution? I use 0.4ml for a 5x4 image.
Any information gratefully received