I have a friend who is getting back into the darkroom. I'd love to help him with some paper and film, but don't have much myself. If anyone has some 8.5x11 RC or 11x14 paper or 35mm black and white film (bulk or loose rolls) they want to sell, let me know. I've bought bogus "gaurenteed" paper before, so please make sure it works -we don't want to deter anyone from film and paper now do we?

He has all the chemicals, I got him some jugs and film developing equipment and he has some 8x10 paper, but he's all out of film and wants some slightly larger paper for some frames he has. Shipping would be to Canada. I might also be interested in some film and 25 sheets of some fibre paper, so don't be afraid to list something that isn't on this particular list.

Thanks in advance.