Hi All,

I have had my über-ugly Rolleiflex for over ten years now (not first owner, obviously), and after a too long period of non-use, frame spacing has become erratic. I loose maybe one or two frames per 120 film, so it's not horrible, but still I'd want to get it fixed.

The obvious solution seems to go for CLA at some reputed address (would be Wil van Maanen in this country). However, if possible I want to avoid the cost. Many of you will feel that a 3.5F only deserves the best of treatment, which is obviously not be me. I agree with that, but then again, considering the state of the camera (extremely worn cosmetically, some haze in lens, focusing screen badly scratched, focusing panel not perfectly flush with the normal, etc.), I feel that, if possible at all, I should give repair by not-entirely-clumsy-me a try.

Can any of you Rollei-experts tell me how to adjust the (evenness of) frame spacing?

Please don't flame me for following this route- I'm just a guy with more expenses than he would like.

Thanks, Sander.