I've just moved to a Technical camera for Landscape work, I bought it last week. This was my reasoning - I have a Wista 45DX which bought mid 80's and it's a great work horse and is still going strong. However I need to work hand held now, not choice - necessity as many places I work don't allow tripods, so I also use a Crwn Graphic. the problem is the lens boards are different.

So I toyed with buying a Linhof and posted a wanted advert here but couldn't justify the price of a MkIV, which takes the same boards as my Wista, so kept an eye out for a reasonable MPP MkVII, but then a Super Graphic popped up unexpectedly, unlike the Crown & Speed Graphics with their sparsity of movements the Supers have good movements, helped by having a revolving back, more than sufficient for my needs. Now I'll leave the Wista in the UK where I've never worked hand-held and use the Super Graphic in place of the 2 previous 5x4's I had in Turkey.

Technical cameras are in between Press and Field cameras and designed for greater versatility/flexibility, so can be a better compromise.