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The lines are too sharp to be chromatic aberration. The colour isn't quite what you see in chromatic aberration either (though that's hard to judge through a computer image).
I wouldn't think the lens is at fault.
I sincerely hope you're right. I'll post a couple more examples soon.

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It could be something you did, sorry to say, but if you have some way to print or scan your negs yourself that would be very helpful. Then you would know if it is a lens issue or just poor printing on their side. All machine prints these days are from scans so there are two ways things can go wrong on that end.
Trust me, I would give anything for the negatives right now. They're still in Chicago where I shot the roll and had it developed. I'm at college in Missouri and I had a friend send me these after a short visit up there - unfortunately he forgot to drop the negs in the envelope. I'll check them when I return in a week but until then there's really no way for me to get my hands on 'em. I have another roll shot that I could have developed at an actual photo shop in town, but it's B&W, so the results probably would not be very conclusive.