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This is an extremely alarming prospect. This was the first roll I took after disassembling the lens and repairing a loose spring on the aperture mechanism. Any way to check this w/o wasting another roll of film? Would the aberration appear in the viewfinder? I plan to check the negatives as soon as I can.
Alright for a real reply this time. You said you repaired a loose spring on the aperture mechanism. Let me guess that would be the spring at the mount (back of the lens), so you didn't really have to disassemble the whole thing (i am still guessing), if that's the case it shouldn't be knock out of alignment. And another thing, those type of zoom nikkor, from my experience, if you tear everything out of it, everything can pretty much go back in ONE way, or that thing wouldn't move at all, so chances of it being out of alignment is slim. I can't tell you what it is because I do not do color negs much. But what I can tell you is to borrow a DSLR and see if the problem exist, if it does, its the lens for sure. One last question, your images are not blurry and they are in focus where you want them to be correct?