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I'm very attentively following your progress on this project. I had Andrew talk with the photography club here at UBC and we got to the topic of ULF cameras. I'm planning a 14x17 camera project for this summer (if things go well the rest of the term). I hope the rest of your project goes smoothly and that you start taking photographs soon!

Thomas, thank you and I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes. I will post some updated photographs soon. I'm working on some of the detail items right now. Ground Glass clips, making lens boards, inlaying brass strips etc. I'm going to get the back base and back with the GG done soon. I need to be sure of film holder dimensions. I have some wonderful S&S holders ( thanks Sandy!) to use as my guide. I'm going to cut the gear track and set the rails this weekend and I finished the front tilt already. The front standard has geared rise and fall which came out nice. I have a case of 14x17 x-ray film in route and if anyone needs some at a very good price just let me know.