I found this page today while I was doing an inventory of my old cameras and photography equipment with the idea that I would put all the stuff on ebay.
I have not used the equipment for years, it's dusty, and it takes up space.
I wondered "Can my digital camera (the one from which the batteries are always either lost or dead, the one from which my crashed hard drive images or scratched disks are lost) do just as good as my cumbersome SLR and darkroom? Feeling philosophical I looked on-line for the value of traditional photography.

I live to tinker. I thought about an old "59 English Ford I had with a 4 cylinder flathead with bad rod bearings. and the discussion I had with a mechanic about whether or not a 1978 Pinto engine would fit. "Sure", he said, "You can make it fit - but you'll know it's the wrong engine." He said, "Find a way to fix the original."

Today I remembered my college photography classes, my old, damp basement darkroom back in the day, and the pride I got from from the final results of my K1000 and that rickety old enlarger. I still have those black and white photographs, and although they might not be masterpieces, they do have a "real" look and feel.

I found this site, read some posts, wrote this response, and got my questions answered - and besides, most of my old stuff ain't worth a whole lot of cash.