We are dedicated to the traditional photographic techniques of all types of film photography but especially color slides and B&W prints.
We value and wish to sustain the long history of artistry and image quality that the medium of film has brought to the visual arts.
We hope our efforts will help support other film photographers in their desire to continue shooting film.
We will share our own work and the work of other traditional photographers by offering slide and print programs for instruction and for entertainment.
We regard image display as a means of improving our work, reaching our potential, and as a forum where diverse approaches to visual communication can be shared.
We encourage creativity in all types of film photography.

The organization meets on most 3rd Wednesday nights at the
Rev. Larson Senior Center, 25 South Main Street, Attleboro, MA, 02703.

To be added to our meeting e-mailings or more information Contact:
Mike Di Stefano, (or) Ray Guillette,

Next Meeting is Wed Dec. 15th - Meeting Theme "Photographic Brain Storming"
A question and answer discussion between attendees about photographic problems incountered and possible solutions offered by attendees. Images are encouraged to illustrate problems. (prints and or 35mm slides)