I am going to attend a 5 day B&W workshop with Ron Wisner using large format cameras in Death Valley next month. This will be my first foray into using a 4x5 camera away from home. I have a Wista DX that I purchased on ebay, a Schneider 90 mm lens but no filters to fit this lens and a backpack that will hold the camera and accessories. I haven't really used the Wista yet. I have many 4x5 film holders and an old cloth changing bag. I also own a cambo rail 4x5 with a Caltar 210mm lens, compendium shade and gelatin filters, a polarizing filter for the 210 lens and a case. I have a number of questions:
1. Which camera to take.
2. Whether to purchase a Harrison changing bag and load film holders or purchase quickload film and a holder?
3. Whether to purchase filters to mount on the 90mm Schneider lens, get a compendium shade for the Wista or just put the gelatin filters in front of the lens?