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Thanks guys. I didn't realize that all the forum members were pros who only shoot for cash. None of the contributors (writers and artists) have asked for money as of yet, even the well known ones. If you'd like to be a part of it, do so. Otherwise, stick to all the other paid book cover deals you have lined up.
I support myself and my son entirely from sales of my work, much of it to businesses who license the work to illustrate advertisements, books, magazines, etc. I get paid every time, no exceptions. The stone cold fact is, I cannot tell my son that I got paid 'photo credit' because he needs to eat. Three times a day, every day, no exceptions, ever. Same with me.

As another person said, your reply to us was snarky. Many of us here are fulltime professional artists and many others are commercial photographers. Those of us who are have plenty of paid work and paid usages of our photos.

I encourage anyone who is asked for photos for something like this to demand fair payment. Even if you have a 'real job' that isn't connected to photography, you could certainly use the money to buy more gear or to do something nice for your family. The last book cover I did brought me enough money to pay my rent, utility bills, food, gas, and other expenses for a month. For one photo, a month's income. Think about that before you give someone like the OP, who does not respect your work enough to pay for it, a free picture.