I have a Manfrotto carbon-fiber tripod which I have dragged across the planet with me underneath a variety of cameras ranging from a Hasselblad to my 5x12 (I think I even used it ONCE underneath my Calumet C-1, in an act of desperation). It has been used in snow, rain, running water, sub-zero temperatures. I'm more likely to have a problem with the section locks not opening/closing because they're lever-locks and my hands are too cold to get a good grip on the locks than anything else. Oh, and I've had this tripod for a decade give or take. I'm now contemplating a bigger tripod so I can have just one lightweight travel 'pod to fit all my cameras from the RB67 up to the Canham 14x17, and one that has twist-locks for the leg sections so it's easier to open/close.