You might want to contact Ron and ask whether any actual hiking will be involved, or whether the locations are accessible by car. (Ansel never hiked far, why should you? :-) ).

Sounds like you have a real dilemma. The hikeable camera is fairly unfamiliar to you. The camera you are more familiar with is not as hikeable.

Personally, I'd take both. I'd figure out how to pack the Cambo so that I could hike it, at least for, say 1/2 mile. I'd also set up my lenses so they would work on both cameras (does the Cambo use the same lens board as the Wista? If not, I think I'd get an adaptor for the Cambo, and mount my lenses in the smaller boards. I'm biasing toward having a backup system so that if something doesn't work, you don't find yourself without a camera for the workshop.

I've been using gelatin filters with my Wista, with no real problem. I think carrying a bunch of those is lighter than carrying a bunch of glass filters.

Quickload vs. cut film holders? Well, I guess it depends on the kind of shooting you'll be doing. Are you going to be using one film type? If so, and cost is not an issue, I might suggest going the quickload/readyload route. You'll have less dust and will be able to mark each packet with development requirements. They'll save you time, and encourage you to burn more film... that could be a good or bad thing, depending on your wallet.

I would bring some film holders with me to the workshop, along with the readyload/quickload/polaroid holders. I'd bring some boxes of cut film along with my readyload packet film.

From the various articles posted on the web, it looks like the latest Kodak Readyload holder is more compatible with both Readyload and Quickload packets than the Quickload holder. You might want to pick up the Readyload holder (but get the latest one). Others might want to weigh in on this choice.

Also, you might want a Polaroid holder. And perhaps get a box of Polaroid 55, so you can get some ready to print negatives along with your proofs.

I guess if you take my advice, this workshop is going to get expensive fast, and you are going to be hauling a bunch of stuff! :-)