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Oh, and a parting thought on the fragile nature of carbon fiber. some of the better ice axes out there have carbon fiber shafts. Made well the stuff is bomb-proof and we are renowned for punishing our tools.
Perhaps my comments on the strength of carbon fibre might have been phrased better
Carbon fibre can be made bullet proof - see the "survival cells" of the monocoque chassis of a Formula One car, they are nearly indestructable and have saved many lives that would otherwise have been lost or seriously injured - so I do agree that if made well (and for specific purpose) carbon fibre is very strong. What I aslo know is that if the stress point is not designed into the cloth the finished fibre will have less/minimal strength in that area of stress.

I would suggest that a tripod from a renowned manufacturer will be designed to take more stress etc than perhaps one built down to a price rather than up to a quality.

The heat conductivity of carbon fibre is a good point well made - in our mini-cold spell here I replaced a steel monopod with a carbon one and did notice the difference in holding it, but it was only -8 here.

The mountaineers from your neck of the woods are the ones to listen to I reckon, and good of them to chip in.