Greetings to all, I am new in the forum.
I have noticed that many of you know about silver recovery; well I already do it a pair of years and have learned a lot of by practice. But there is something that I cannot solve.
Good, I process every 20 liters of X-ray fixer and have noticed that when this one has been mixed by a little of another mark of fixer (sometimes the radiologists add slightly more of fixer when it already does not fix sufficient), this at the time of processing gets dark only after a few minutes of initiating the electrolysis, I assume that there is a formation of silver sulfide, losing this way the efficiency of the cell and obtaining black silver.
Also the silver sulfide in the fixer when it stopped processing does not decant even after a month of rest.
I generally work with 10 amperes as maximum and process manual fixer and when the fixer is not combined by another mark I do not have any problem, the process is excellent.
Someone might advise me, how to solve this disadvantage? and what could I make to recovery the whole silver sulfide in suspension?
I dont know, maybe some chemist might add.
I will be grateful for your help, and allow me to say to you that I find interesting all your comments.