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Table of contents:
About this book
Toning – general considerations
What’s going on?
Practical issues affecting toning
Sepia toning
Polysulphide-based toners (including Viradon, Poly-Toner and Brown toner)
Selenium toning
Gold toning
Blue toning
Copper toning
Green toning
FSA toning (a.k.a. thiourea dioxide or Manotone)
Silver and bronze mirror toners
‘Toning’ with tea, coffee and gelatine dyes
Selective toning
Multiple toning techniques
Multi toner kits
Toning & processing for archival permanence
Toning negatives
Print finishing
Useful printing controls for toning

Reference section:

DIY toning
Glossary of terms
Toner search by colour
Colour search by toner
Toner characteristics table
F-stop table
Making up solutions
Weights & measures
Temperature conversion table
Useful websites, internet discussion groups and references
Useful addresses