Benjiboy's going to love this one. ;P
Bogen 3001 with a 3030 fluid head on it.
If you're not using 30&40mm or greater than 250mm it works fine. It's not going to be Gitzo like. Who cares.
The legs weigh 4 lbs are less than 21" collapsed and stands 46" w/o the center column. ctr column is about 9" long. Add another 4-5" for a head and you're under $200. and most likely under 6.5 lbs. Cut the excess column off and you save another 1-2oz. The base is about 37" per side. so it's pretty stable
This assumes a Waist level finder. With a 45 degree prism finder it's OK. With the 90 it's not so fine.