Hi All,

I have updated our homepage in an effort to add more live content as well as reach out to various social streams online. I believe Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a great resource to spread the word about APUG & Traditional Photography. I have also created a new forum for Industry News:


I could use some help in locating the latest in Traditional Photo news. As the forum fills with news I'll be "tweeting" it to the APUG homepage. With a bit of help the APUG Twitter page could be the Internet's best resource for the latest in traditional photo news. I will be emailed any time a new thread is posted in Industry News, and I'll update our news feeds right away.

Also, if you have a twitter account then following "APUG_News" on Twitter:
It is a good way to find out about site outages. If APUG is down, head to the Twitter page and I'll post status updates.