I got 100 ft of Vision3 500T spooled off the bigger roll and onto a core for my bulk loader. My *(&(*&%%^& rewind post broke as I was putting the split reel on, so I had to do it by hand. Lots of fun in the dark! I just need to find a few spare minutes to spool some down into 36-exposure carts now. And go shoot some pictures! I did grab a sturdier set of rewinds on ebay for when I spool down the 250D.

If a few of you want a couple of rolls of the 500T to try, I'd be happy to send them to you free of charge. (I was hoping to offer the 250D at the same time but I can't do that until the rewinds get here.) PM me your address and I'll mail them out. I'll post back here if a crazy number of people have taken me up on it, to stop the offer, but assuming it's just a few people that plan to follow through with this and shoot it and get cinelab to process it, no problem.