Ive beenusing Ilford films for a while, and they were the synonimoun of quality for me. But this is changing now. For the second time in less than a year ive had problems with ilford films. In both cases the film, after developed, came with marks, like water marks, all over the strip. the first time it happened to a Ilford Pan F+ 50. Tow rolls of 120 came with the same problem. I thought i was doing something wrong. Then I developed another Ilford Pan F+ 50, but in the 35mm format, along with the 120 roll. The MF film came with the marks and the 35mm clean as it can be. In total it happened with 4 rolls that I took to South Africa to cover the World Cup. A pitty. Now, in a trip to Portugal, the same happened. This time with a Ilford FP4+ 125. So far, just one roll came with the marks. Id like to know if you heard similar things from other buyers and understand what is going on. I dont want to give up on Ilford, but if it keeps happenig, Ill have to do it.

Here are some scanned negs with the problem.

With the Ilford Pan F+ 50

And here with the Ilford FP4+ 125

Thanks a lot for your attention