Interesting comparison!

The 500T is available for nearly free as short ends, that's one reason to mess with it. 100 ft of movie film is next to worthless ($16) to someone shooting 35mm movie film, but that's a dang good price for 18 36 exposure rolls once you run it through a bulk loader. If I had ordered only 100 ft of it I wouldn't have to mess with the split reels and rewinds, but I ordered 200 ft (expecting to get a couple of 100 ft sections) and got 200 feet of brand new film in a sealed can! If you stalk ebay, I believe it would be possible to get it even cheaper still, in 400 ft rolls, which yes would have the problem of spooling it down, but would also be a nearly endless supply of 36 exposure rolls.

And hey, if this works out, we can have Vision4 film in our still cameras long before Kodak releases a Portra variant!

Interesting that in those articles they mention getting it processed at Technicolor. They must know someone who works there and was willing to deal with short pieces of film for them or something. I wouldn't normally expect Technicolor to bother with such nothing work, being such a huge company and all.