You don't happen to use your photo flow/wetting agent while the film is still in its reels in the developing tank do you? I ask because sometimes there is carry over if the wetting agent mix is a bit strong, or the water is of certain pH. It can lead to foaming when the developer is poured in the next time the tank is used. Then all sorts of wierd development artifacts can be found.

Wash the tank and reels in household automatic dishwasher detergent is you have used wetting agent in the tank. It is non foaming, and will get the wetting agent resides washed out. Rinse well in distilled water if you want to be sure.

You are agitatiing in some form while developing? Some of the artifacts look like they could be caused by bromide streaking if developer agent by products like bromide, a developer restrainer builds up and is not uniformly disbursed in the developing solution by agitating regularly.

You may also want to try developing with distilled (or reverse osmosis filters at a minimum) water used to mix the developer, to rule out the possibility that some mineral in your tap water is the possible case of your weird development results.

I have never had an in date Ilford film let me down.

I, on the other hand have screwed up with all sorts of different vendor's films over the years with processing errors of my own fault of one sort or other.