FS - Ross 10" , f6.8 Compound Homocentric in shutter

This is a classic lens from a quality manufacturer. It came with a camera I bought and I don't need another lens at this focal length. At www.allenrumme.com, it says the f6.8 version covers whole plate and covers up to 12x10 stopped down. The Lens VM, on the other hand, says that an 8.5" Compound Homocentric, f6.8 will cover 8x10, so a 10" would probably cover up to 11x14 stopped down. I don't have an 11x14 to check that out, though. Looks to me like it easily covers 8x10.

The front and rear elements have matching serial numbers. The glass is good with a couple of very small nicks and some cleaning wisps. The shutter fires at all speeds and they sound different, but I don't have another shutter to compare it to. It also fires using a cable release. I will also tell you that putting your finger in the way when firing at 1/150 is not a good idea. Whatever spring is in there has some hurtin' power...

There is a front cap included and a flange.

I'm not familiar with this type of shutter but it appears that you are meant to use 'T' to focus. However, when you use 'T', it still closes the shutter after a second or two. I used the business card of the person I got the camera from under the lever to hold it while I focused.

From similar sales, it looks like this should be over $200 BUT I know the shutter thing will drive you mad and it will need to go for a CLA, so I'll factor that in. How about $150, shipped insured in the USA, via USPS money order?