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Giving pics to a charity you support is a hell of a lot different than giving something to a business. These people asking for pics are a business. If they cannot afford to pay their bills (and yes paying writes and photographers is a normal part of doing business as a publisher), then they need to evaluate whether they have the ability to keep the business going. Businesses are, not, and I repeat, NOT charities. They need to do what all of us did when we started our businesses: Save money, get business loans, find investors to back you, etc. Asking working people to work for free so they can have a business is arrogant and repugnant. No one has a right to be in business; an undercapitalized business fails in a free market economy, as well it should.
I don't totally disagree with Chris, but I also think that there are lots of entities out there that benefit the community without being charities.

Publishing is done for profit, and it is done for the love of the material being published, and it is done for a mixture of the two. From my point of view, if a publication clearly is at least part a "labour of love" then I would be willing to consider making contributions to it without hope of financial rewards. I would expect, however, that:

1) it would be clear that there were others, including the principals of the operation, who were making similar contributions; and
2) the decision to make such a contribution is one to be made by me, voluntarily and in advance - people who don't pay bills they have previously agreed to pay do not attract any sympathy from me.