I realized that some of the instructions in the manual are not the clearest, so basically here is the drill.

Put the film in and close the back, making sure that the black tab is sticking out of the back. It will seem a little strange and look like it is coming out the wrong place, don't worry. Pull on the black tab and pull the paper out all the way and discard, it will be a foot or more long. Make sure that a small white paper tab is sticking out of the camera. You are now ready to shoot.

Take your exposure, once the exposure is taken, pull the small white tab all the way out. You will see a larger tab show up. Pull it out all the way, straight out of the back. That is your actual photo. Keep it closed for as long as the instructions indicate. After that time has elapsed, peel the photo off of the pack and discard the rest. The photo will be wet, make sure it dries out before putting it away, it will stick to stuff.

That's really it. Pretty simple.

have fun!