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Thanks for that!

I tried a couple of pictures but the entire thing came out white, no black frame at all. Yes, I pulled the dark slide out AFTER I'd mounted the back. The manual says white means overexposure but I would think that the black outline of the 6x7 rectangle would not be white. The film is old, does that mean it is fogged to white or was exposed? I guess I'll need to try a new Fuji Instant pack once I confirm that the camera is working (and I know how to work it) with conventional film. Too bad, I thought the Polaroid would be a quick check. I really should have thought to try it with the original owner to see if he remembered how to use the Polaroid back but I wasn't thinking at the time.
Did the print stick to the negative when you pulled it out of the back? Old film will dry out and the paper and negative sides will not stick together and will not process. I am wondering if that could be the issue. I have never had film that failed to create an image except for times when the pack was very old and dried out.

Here is a web link to some decent photos on the land list showing pack film camera operation. http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/how2-packuse.htm You will see all of the various steps, the last image shows the picture being peeled off after developing. It will be nice and gooey, if the whole thing does not stick together and there is no goo inside, then it is old film. If that is not the case, my guess is that it is not film age that is causing the problem.