Dear Yan,

Firstly, I am sorry you have experienced an issue with any ILFORD Photo product.

Within our QC regime any film faults are incredibly rare and at present we have no QC issue on any film product whatsoever. Similar faults across different products FP4+ and PAN F + are even rarer so this would normally indicate a processing issue of some type.

But we do not know in this case, so we can check it for you, our technical service can examine the film and ensure that no fault exists with the film, and if it does we will tell you :

We have 3 verdicts Justified complaint / Not justified and cause not certain and you will be told which one it is. It is almost impossible to tell from scans, you need to examine the films usually using an electron microscope.

You will need to send the film to us in England.

HARMAN technology Limited,
Ilford Way,
WA16 7JL
UNITED KINGDOM. Mark it for the attention of TECHNICAL SERVICE.

Please make sure you put your full contact details in with the films.

It will help if you tell us where and when you bought the film, the circumstances of the exposure where and when, and most importantly your processing regime, we do not need the Batch numbers as they can be identified from the actual films.

From every single batch of film we make we hold back and store unprocessed examples so as if we get a complaint within 5 years of manufacture we can process or expose and process our own samples to see if we can replicate any customer issue.

Thank you for using and valuing ILFORD Photo products.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :