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If Dan already has a digital camera and is using it successfully as a light meter, he should continue to do so. Why should he spend more on a meter when he's already got one that is doing the job for him? When his digicam finally dies, he might consider getting a conventional meter (but then again, he might just get another digicam ....)
I sort of agree with you. If it works why change it. But I think it could work a lot better with a dedicated spot meter from my past experience. I tried using my digital and my film SLR as a meter for large format and got fine results. It wasn't as quick, zone placements (in b&w and color) were not as intuitive, shutter speed and fstop combos were somewhat difficult to calculate, and it proved a distraction in the field. This was all apperent to me after I got the spot meter, which was mainly purchased to decrease the bulk I was hauling. So I still think it would pay to try out a dedicated meter before settling on using the digicam. If after that the digicam is still in the running then use it - it isn't costing anything (which is a major point).