Hey guys
How would I make sure that the sky in a landscape scene of green trees, overcast sky/even light grey colour sky doesn't blow out, and the greens stay at the right value and don't go murky?
I'm using a Toyo View, 135mm lens, Ektar 100.
So far I've been thinking: a soft grad ND filter, exposing for the greens using incident.
Trouble with that picture is, I can't afford an ND filter at present.
So are there any genius ways I can expose/use my polarizing filter to balance the white/grey sky with very dense greens, and NOT end up with a white, blown-out sky, or dull murky foliage?
Am I always going to have to compromise between the sky exposure and the foliage exposure? I want the sky to be the true mid-grey that it is, and not a blah field of white!
Is this kind of exposure always going to call for filters?