I was just given an Argus A that is in nice cosmetic shape. Doing a little research on the history of this camera, I see that it is considered an important camera, historically speaking. It makes me feel good to have it!

It is beautiful. It needs some work on the shutter before I can use it, but I am looking forward to it.

Does anyone here shoot with one, and if so, do you have any examples you could show?

Using the preset zone focusing should be interesting. I imagine that the camera isn't of much use at any of the wider apertures. There is no way you can simply select the close range focus zone (Was it 6 to 18 feet, 6 to 12 feet, or something like that?) at f/4.5 or f/8 and expect to get everything in the range sharp.

I guess it will be a sunny 16 camera primarily, but I hope I can find some good use for it.

I'd also like a lens hood for it, if anyone has a spare one lying there. Is this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/Argus-30mm-alumi...tem53e4d32e9d?