Steve, thanks for your attention. When it happened in the first time I though the same. So i washed it again and again. Nothing, the marks were still there. I do think the problem can be with something that I´m doing. But whar really amazes me is that just one roll in the same tank came out with the marks. When I developed FP4+ I put 2 rolls in the same tank. One came with the marks, and the other not. Both rolls got the same soup, same water, same final rinse. So why one has the marks so consistent and the other is so clean? If there were some problems with the water, the final rinse or anything shouldn´t both rolls come with the marks. Here are some shots from the roll that I developed with the one with the marks.

As you can see, they´re clean. No marks at all.

Once again, thanks a lot for your attention with my problem. I appreciate.