Hi, I've had the body for a couple months, a Calumet 400 I believe. Just received a 150mm Symmar-S today. I mounted it on a lens board that came with the camera.

I have a couple simple questions:

1. the lens board has a bit of play when on the camera. Meaning, I can shift it left or right a few millimeters or so in the recessed mounting section. I've never really handled a large format other than this, so is this an issue in terms of taking the picture [shift of image, light-tight?]

2. The attachment of the film holder seems odd to me. The piece with the ground glass shifts back and the film holder is put in the space in between [a metal spring-like mechanism holds this all together]. How do I know that the film is lined up properly? Also, is this how most large format cameras work? It seems like light leaks could happen pretty easily if something is misaligned or there is even a bit of space between film holder and the back of the camera...

I don't have a digital camera, but if this is hard to understand I can try to take cell phone pictures.

Looking forward to taking my first 4x5 pictures...

edit: Oh! and what kind of a cable release should I be looking at?