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My early trys at Ortho Lith was its really slow, as other have said ISO3 but suffers badly from reciprocity making pinhole exposure really loooong. I was rating it ISO1 in bright day light with a f333 pinhole (200mm 8x10) and was still under exposing. The 3rd and 4th images under "resent" in the pinhole link below are Ortho Lith (Arista ll)
Those couple of images look great. What I really wanted to know from this post was if a decent continuous tone could be achieved from the ortho litho film and it seems it can. What kind of developer did you use?

I think my aperture is somewhere around 280 - 300 but I'm not exactly sure. On a sunny day (but in shaded areas (to avoid too much contrast)) I was getting exposure times of 5-7 minutes.