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A few more homepage tweaks done such as a block now containing 15 recent posts and classifieds. If anyone has something they would like to see on the homepage let me know. Thanks
Hi Sean,

About this homepage: In this block with the 15 recent posts and classifieds, there is a an option to disable or hide it (click on the topbar). If you do this, like I did, there is a message page that says something like:

"To re-enable topstats choose "Enable Topstats" from "Quick Links" menu"

Now, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any "Quick Links" menu...

There is one in the Gallery / Quick Links / Enable Top Statistics, but it does nothing for bringing back the top statistics block on APUGs homepage (in fact, this is another issue!, the option in the Gallery menu gives a blank page...)

I suspect you have disabled another Quick Links menu in the Forum or Home menu section or something, that should take care of it.

Maybe you could provide a link in the User Profile (My APUG / General Settings), or somewhere else, to re-enable it. Now, once it's gone, it's gone for ever...