Thanks for the responses. I think I'll start off with basic diluted paper or film developer and then if I need to switch to some kind of concoction or a Rodinal mixture, I can. If I buy the 50 pack, I'll have lots of negatives to experiment with. I have a feeling that it will take me a while to go through that many shots, figuring as one completed pinhole photo takes 30-45 minutes. Setting up, shooting, and developing add up quick.

One more question - I've only ever worked with developing black and white 35mm (what we were shooting for class). When I purchase the ortho litho film, how do I treat in regards to developing? Would I use the stop bath, fixer, hypo-clear, and photo-flo that I used for developing 35mm? Or would I use the stop and fix that's in the darkroom that I use for paper developing? Sorry for the newbie question.