It felt like a veeeery long way from home, I can tell you! It's half way between the Shetland Islands and Iceland, and west of Norway. It's just a tiny group of islands stuck out in the middle of the north Atlantic, and battered from all directions by every sort of weather you can imagine. Apparently they are only free of precipitation on for 80 days of the year, on average. The people describe their weather as 'four seasons in one day', which I can vouch for - minus the summer part... I believe the average temperature is a mere 50F or thereabouts. However, I must admit I actually enjoy this sort of climate! Must be something to do with the Scots blood coursing through my veins.

There was still snow on the mountaintops when we were there, but the people we spoke to expected it to have melted by the end of the month.

I want to go back!