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When it comes to fixer, most use the same fixer for film and paper, although many use different dilutions (with film fixer being more concentrated).

If you re-use fixer, you shouldn't fix paper in fixer that has previously been used for film (and vice-versa).

I may be the only person I know who uses different stop bath for film and fixer - Kodak for film, and Ilford for paper. I do that because once diluted to working strength Kodak stop bath (acetic acid) is considerably cheaper, but Ilford stop bath (citric acid) smells much better .
I know what you mean about the smells - my hands always smelled horrible after coming out of the darkroom at school. Thanks for the tip about the fixer. I'd just have to go out of the darkroom for a second to put some film fixer into a tray - that's easy enough. I don't think I'll bother using different stop baths - I'll just use what they have there for film. So all in all, I'll be using either a diluted paper or film developer, film stop, and film fix - got it.