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I'd probably just enjoy it as a spectacle to watch, particularly if you have a pair of binoculars available.
Gotta agree with you there! :thumbsup:

So many people think that they need all sorts of fancy equipment to view the moon and the stars.

While a telescope or a fancy camera are fine things to have if you enjoy those kinds of things, there is nothing better to view the night sky than a pair of binoculars with mid-range magnification. Let's say 10X.

That 7 x 35 binocular in the back of your closet will do a fine job!

The problem with fancy gizmos is that the greater the magnification, the lesser the field of view. The lesser the field of view, the harder it is to target an object and hold steady on it while you're trying to study it. You'll end up looking at a jittery blob of light instead of a sharply focused image of the moon.

Regardless of the device you choose to view the stars with, be that a camera, a telescope, a combination telescope/camera, a pair of binoculars or just your eyes, people need to think of things in terms of LIGHT GATHERING instead of magnification.

The truth is that there is an optimum balance of light gathering and magnification that applies to any given stargazing situation. For most people who are not astronomers or astrophotographers or just plain astro-hobbyists, a pair of binoculars is the best thing to use.