Thanks for the tip about the emulsion Joe. As for the ortho litho film - would the exposure times be your only complaint about it? With the paper negatives, I think I was somewhere around an EI of 5 but I'm not exactly sure. I'd go out and make an exposure, then after developing that shot I'd go take the same photo, either adding or subtracting time based on if the first shot was over or underexposed. My exposure times ended up being anywhere from 2-7 minutes.

Making an 8x10 pinhole camera sounds highly tempting. However, my homebuilt pinhole out of plywood is already quite large and heavy. Hard to image the size of a 8x10 pinhole camera.

Thanks as well for the tip about the X-Ray film. That does seem to be very cheap. I did a quick search on the forums and found MANY threads on the subject. Would you happen to know where I could get a free pack of it to experiment with? I might start a new thread, just asking some very basic questions about it. Hard to get clear information when it's scattered in 50 threads.