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Well, I was just telling you how to tell the rb and rz backs apart, visually. You might find model numbers at mamiya usa, but I am saying that I don't see the model #s on the backs themselves, so whoever is selling them probably won't know what those numbers are. Check at KEH, they do a good job of sorting them properly. Anyway the back you want is for 3 1/4" pack film. And that film is currently available and very nice. Try fuji fp100b and fp100c in particular. You can do lovely emulsion lifts with the fp100c.
Thanks. I'm sorry my original reply was to another member about the differences of the RB&RZ, and I forgot to reply with quote. Anyway, thanks for this info on the currently available film. I looked at KEH but one they call the model 3 or something and it ony shows a picture of one side. But another one they have shows the other side of it with the round section you mentioned. Which is like all the RZ backs. Thanks again.