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Dan, the top photo at that link looks like you've chamfered the front outer edges. Is that an illusion resulting from grain in the cherry or did you really add another step to the construction? If it's real, will you be chamfering the back outer edges too? I'd love to see those details added.

Have one of your 11x14 frames and find it well made. Glad you've included edge-smoothed non-glare glass with the new ones; great idea!
Hi Sal - Good to hear from you. I didn't cut a chamfer, just eased the edges a little when I was sanding. I wanted to show the corner joinery in that shot, and caught a highlight along the outside edge. I do try to give great attention to the little details. I've been told to streamline the process and spend less time building, but somehow more of those details get added. Building these frames is to me like making a great print is to you - just something we love to do. BTW, if you (or anyone) would like some non-glare glass cut for your frame, I'd be happy to oblige.