I had a similar problem with a roll in my pentax k1000. Some frames were quite close together and some were a little farther apart than normal. I had two frames overlap. Upon inspection, I found that one of the spaces between the sprocket holes was torn, and I think that might be the source of the problem. I think it was a film problem because I'm using a bulk roll of FP4+ and there was a similar problem right at the leader of the bulk roll (I guess it could be me being a dumbass and loading the film wrong because I think the QC at Ilford is too good for something like that to happen during manufacturing, but I guess it's possible). I'd like to say that that's the only roll that's had that problem, and I've ran film through the camera after that with no issues, so it's gotta be me, a slight quirky malfunction of my camera, or this bulk roll slipped through ilford's QC measures (I'm guessing me or my pentax is the issue)

I dont know anything about your camera, but if it's 35mm, you might wanna check and see if you have a similar probelm with your film. If you use big name film (ilford and Kodak and fuji), i'd guess user error or a camera problem would be more likely than a film problem like broken sprocket holes