Thanks for the heads up. I am ill-equipped for such work, but may try anyway. I have a 70-210 for my FD gear, that's better than nothing. I too remember from long ago that exposures for the full moon are a lot faster than one might expect. I might put the bit-zapper on a second tripod to try and get some idea of exposures as it goes into dark mode. I have a roll of 35mm Provia 100F that's dated May 09, might as well try something with it!

That said, they are predicting a low of 22F (-5 or so C) tonight. The glass half empty part of me says "why do these things happen in the winter?" The glass half full part says the air will probably be very clear. Right now there's high wispy clouds, but the weather guessers are still calling for "clear" overnight. We shall see.